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Do you want to know exactly what to eat and specific exercises for your body to transform your body by having your own custom-made plan?

If you’re someone that is time-poor in a busy corporate career and are frustrated with generic advice that hasn’t improved your body or health… Then I invite you to keep reading.

You’ve finally found it…

This tailored program guarantees you results by giving you a step-by-step sequence from an industry-leading strength and conditioning coach that specialises in transforming high performing busy corporates and executives lives, like yours. This in-depth personal coaching has decades of proven results of transforming lifestyles, health and bodies into well-oiled machines. 

The truth is, cookie-cutter programs and advice won’t address your individual needs. One exercise or nutrition plan can be healthy and work well for one person, but on the other hand, it can injure or stop progress altogether on the wrong person.

This program doesn’t just focus on the methods, it factors in the mental approach of behaviour change that will ensure success in the long run.  Individual coaching will ensure you’re addressing the areas that you need to for optimal, lasting results. 

I have helped hundreds of busy professionals over the last 15 years to create lasting change to their health, lifestyles and mindsets.

And I do this with a radically different approach. I LISTEN to you, assess and tailor a program unique to you, to exactly what is needed for success.

My guess is that you’ve tried the typical gym membership, latest diet book or even gone so far as hiring a personal trainer to help you…

And you might even have experienced some short term results if you’re lucky, or like most, haven’t stuck with it long enough to see any change.

The truth is, if you want to get the results and keep them, you need to have a 360-degree approach. Focusing on one or two areas won’t cut it. 

With you starting this coaching program, you’re given a hands-on, personalised approach from an expert that has been proven to work for hundreds of executives from top tier companies from all over the world, including but not limited to, Bain & Company, Deloitte, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Abraaj Group, Accenture, Disney and Citibank, just to name a few.

My vision as a coach is to TEACH and educate rather than spoon-feed. Giving YOU the knowledge and power to succeed in the longer term.

What Our Members say

Adam has been instrumental in improving my overall training techniques, building my strength and changing my overall mindset in helping me focus on my key health priorities. Most importantly, he understands my goals and what is important to me, and tailors my training program accordingly.

Marco Corso

In my work with Adam, I have obtained goals not only in strength building, but importantly, in developing better balance, flexibility and posture. Adam’s ability to tailor the overall program to client needs, as well as flex individual training sessions based on what I most need on that day, is greatly valued.

Michael Woodbury

Adam always listens to me regarding what I expect from my training in different times. There have been times I wanted to lose weight and Adam gave me tips regarding training and lifestyle and there has been a time that I wanted to grow muscle and Adam helped me accordingly. Adam Always comes up with a solution whenever you throw a challenge at him regarding training.

Alan Orangi

Adam has a different style of training in the sense that he is not in your face aggressive, he tends to motivate me in a positive way and he makes the training sessions more fun and challenging at the same time. I also find that as a trainer he takes an interest in getting to know me better and my training sessions are designed to suit me based on my strength level. I also find with my diet he never says I must do this or follow a set meal plan; he will make suggestions, a few changes at a time, instead of over whelming me with restrictions on what I can or cannot eat. I find this makes me accountable as well when it comes to planning my meals.

Nandani Shankar

Online Executive Athlete Program

WHAT The Program Includes & HOW It Works

Detailed Lifestyle Analysis & Goal Setting

Extensive background information gathered on YOUR exercise history, any injuries, habits, mental tendencies, limiting beliefs and other lifestyle factors that may be relevant. Uncovering and defining what your goals are that can be emotionally linked for long-term compliance through a science-backed 4-step goal setting process.

Online Movement Screen Assessment

Physical movement screening to qualify what types of exercises are appropriate to you. This assessment will expose any potential structural or mobility restrictions you may have. Also uncover any positional strength and areas that need addressing. This process reduces the risk of injury and sets out a clear path for improvement. 

Premium Coaching

Weekly Skype video call with check-ins that include body fat %, lean muscle mass, targeted body measurements and relevant quantifiable assessments based on your individual goals or targets. Plus, on-call access to me at all times to ensure all your questions are answered and that the program is clear.

Individualised & Periodised Programming

According to your movement screen, an individualised warm-up is created to maximise performance and minimise injury risks. Depending on your goals, time availability, emotional buy-in and fitness levels, your training program is created to ensure compliance and success that both you and your coach are happy with. 

Tailored Nutritional Plan

A targeted nutritional plan that is focused on eating for your individual needs and requirements. Teaching and equipping you with tools and long-term strategies that can help to foster a healthy relationship with food and maximise your optimal health and wellness. 

Here's how the process works

Step 1:

Complete your application online for a 1-on-1 FREE consultation with Adam.

Step 2:

Have your 1-on-1 consult and determine if the program is right for you. Adam will assess and provide feedback.

Step 3:

Your assessments and questionnaires arrive via email. Fill in and return completed forms.

Step 4:

Your entire plan is delivered via email. Full support and plan is underway.

Meet your coach

Adam McCubbin

Strength Coach and Health Specialist, Writer, Speaker, bookworm and gym addict.

“It can be a challenge trying to find the right plan…

I know because I have worked with hundreds of high performing corporates that are succeeding everywhere…

Except at their health!

Applying advice, diets and exercises that aren’t relevant can be frustrating and fail to produce results.

Let me show you the adaptive methods that I have used to transform peoples lives.”

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